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Criminal Defense



Our firm represents individuals charged with crimes throughout the tri-state area. We have handled thousands of cases, of every level of severity. We handle every type of criminal case, from the most complex financial crimes to simple misdemeanors and violations.


Our white collar defense practice includes representation of individuals and business entities charged with crimes including:


-Fraud (banking, mortgage, accounting, insurance, health care)

-Money laundering



-Federal and state criminal tax investigations


-Obstruction of justice

-Criminal environmental violations

-Intellectual property crimes


We provide expert representation for clients charged with “street crimes,” including:



-Grand larceny

-Weapons possession and distribution

-Drug crimes (sale, possession, manufacturing, distribution)



-Gambling offenses

-Sex crimes

-Disorderly conduct


-Domestic violence

-DWI (alcohol & drugs)


-Violations of probation & parole

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